The Indy Pledge


The YES movement is now gathering pace. As we move further towards independence we recognise that, with this power, comes great responsibility.


The “Indy Pledge’ is a voluntary code of conduct to which groups and individuals who support Scottish Independence are welcome to sign up.


This is an agreement of the YES movement’s core values, offering simple positive principles, promoting our shared beliefs and actions as a force for positive change.


The intention is to encourage people to be mindful of how our actions, in person or online, can impact positively or negatively on the independence movement.


By signing this pledge, individuals, groups and organisations are agreeing to abide by the following core principles:


We are an inclusive movement that values all people equally and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, religious beliefs or non beliefs or sexual orientation.We will promote this inclusiveness in all our expressions and actions


We work with respect for all people, regardless of our politics or differences of opinion.


We are a peaceful organisation and apply peaceful means of achieving independence.


We will promote a positive vision for independence.


We will work constructively towards the goal of independence: as individuals and as a movement.


We are an open grassroots movement and work with the utmost transparency in our ideas and actions.


We are a broad and diverse movement and we expect individuals to take responsibility for their own actions, and contributions to the campaign for independence.


We are the grassroots of an independent Scotland. We believe that a dynamic and creative movement will bring a thriving Scotland, and we want all people to play a role. As we work towards independence, we will enable and encourage fellow members to develop their own skills and talents.


Independence starts with our movement and we must reflect the Scotland we want to be.


With this in mind, we ask that all people and all groups sign up to this pledge and make our contributions ever mindful of these principles.

Till launch