About Us

This pledge was, in principle, agreed at the Local Groups Conference, in Dunblane. It was agreed Yes Kelty would take the lead and work with others to drive the pledge forward.

A group of individuals came together,  spearheaded by Yes Kelty  with the help of Yes Dunfermline, Yes Kirkintilloch and independencelive.net, to collaborate and put together the initial pledge, using a document Yes Kelty already had in place as a ‘code of conduct’. After a short consultation, and feedback from as many groups and individuals as possible, the Indy Pledge was born. The full launch taking place on March 26 2018.

We are confident that the Yes community will embrace the pledge and that all involved will see it as a positive aspiration and point of pride for what they are involved in.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions on how the pledge can evolve and be improved, please use the contact us link to give feedback.