Indy Pledge Update

By | April 13, 2018

Since launching, the Indy Pledge has had amazing feedback. Activists from all over Scotland have shared the pledge online and signed up to show agreement with the core principles. We have been mentioned in the National newspaper as well as online and we featured in articles by Bella Caledonia and CommonSpace and promoted by prominent ‘Yessers’… Read More »

The Indy Pledge in The National!

By | March 28, 2018

Writing for the National Today, Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) had this to say about the Indy Pledge: This is a valuable initiative which demonstrates that those of us who form the backbone of the independence movement refuse to accept the characterisation of us painted by a hostile press. We are not swivel-eyed English-haters, we are… Read More »

Bella Caledonia covers the Indy Pledge

By | March 27, 2018

Gandhi meets Burns. Be the Change you want to See, See Ourselves as Others See Us This is a really great and overdue move which was kick-started by Carol Gilmour and members of Yes Kelty It’s precisely the sort of self-organising code of conduct that the movement needs to be self-reflective and mindful of how… Read More »

Robin McAlpine on the Indy Pledge

By | March 26, 2018

The media has always tended to hold the independence movement to a higher standard of behaviour than others because the media has tended to be hostile. That is why it is so important that we do what we can to provide as few easy targets by holding ourselves to very high standards of behaviour. Robust… Read More »